Release Notes - Week Ending February 9th, 2018




May now send calendar invites to specific session participants

We have added the ability to resend calendar invites to specific session participants! From the Participants page of an activity session, after selecting the student(s), clicking the “More” button, and selecting “Letter,” you may choose either a “Template” or “Custom” letter. Regardless of your choice, you will now see an “Attach calendar invite” checkbox which allows you to send the calendar .ics file as an attachment to the letter your selected students will receive. Note that you may only re-send calendar invites in this manner to sessions which occur in the future.



Calendar invite emails now sent out more quickly

Prior to this enhancement, calendar invite emails were queued up like other jobs in the system. Now, they will be unblocked by any scheduled jobs, so clients should see these being delivered more quickly than before! Due to this change, calendar invite jobs will not show up in the Queued Job list, but will still display in the System Log.


Uploads are now faster and progress bar is more accurate

We have made improvements to how files are uploaded to the LMS! You should see uploads completing more quickly in almost all areas of the system, as well as seeing a new, improved and much more accurate progress bar:





Activities or Sessions with facilitators could not be deleted

If an activity (e.g., a manually graded assessment) or activity session had a facilitator added to it, the activity or session would be unable to be deleted. This bug has been addressed so that the activity or session can now be deleted.


Standalone scheduled assessment should not have an Activity filter for Responses

For a standalone scheduled assessment (i.e., an assessment with sessions that is not included in a path), when an administrator navigates to the “Responses” tab of the assessment activity to view students’ results, the Activity filter displays, even though there is only one selection to choose from (the assessment activity).


We have, in this scenario, removed the Activity filter from the Responses page.


Cannot set Language Master field for a manually-graded unscheduled assessment

Sure this is an edge case, but we fixed it! If an admin had created a manually-graded assessment that is not scheduled (i.e., has no sessions), when the Language Master field is edited, the message “This user is not eligible to be an instructor, or is already an instructor.” displayed. We have addressed this problem so that the Language Master field is editable in this unique circumstance.


Apostrophes didn’t work well in Calendar Invite emails

If a Session Name had an apostrophe in it (e.g., “Chicago’s solution to the Energy crisis”), when a Student received the calendar invite email, the apostrophe would be replaced with extra characters (e.g., “Chicago&#39s”). We have fixed this bug so that apostrophes will display correctly in the email.



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