Release Notes - Week Ending February 2nd, 2018




Updated design of status bar on Activity page

To be consistent with the UI changes rolled out last Sunday evening, the activity status that displays at the top of the Activity page has been updated by:

  • Adding a blue background for the status icon
  • Removing the circle where the icon resides
  • Updating font size and spacing








Completion message sometimes not showing when Student completes video

If a video activity was set up to not show the “Mark as Complete” button, when a Student completed that video, no “Activity Passed” message would display (even though, upon refreshing the page, the activity would show as being completed). We have fixed this problem so that the “Activity Passed” message will display immediately after the video has been completed.

Sample file on Bulk Activity Import page had extra column

On the Bulk Activity Import page, the sample file that can be downloaded had an extra column (“isPublic”) inserted in column W. The sample file has been fixed and it now matches the list of column descriptions on the page as well as the spreadsheet of column descriptions which can also be downloaded on the page.

Calendar Invite replies sometimes not acknowledged

If an administrator has created an Activity Session and the activity has calendar invites enabled, when a Student received the email and confirmed the invitation, sometimes Exceed would not process the enrollment, particularly for Students who were using an older version of the Outlook email client. This bug has been fixed and now calendar invite confirmations are processed correctly and enrollments created in the LMS.

Path as Activity Prerequisite wasn’t ignored if activity was in same Path

If an Activity had a Path listed as a Prerequisite, and the Activity was included in that same Path, then when a Student tried to access the activity in the Path it would be in a locked state. We have corrected this circular problem by ignoring the activity’s Prerequisite if it is a Path, thus allowing the activity in the Path to be accessible.

Sessions integrated with web conferencing did not link to conference

Since the recent Activity Sessions release, any sessions that were integrated with one of our supported web conferencing applications (i.e. GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and WebEx) failed to show the link to the conference on the activity session page. We have fixed this problem so that the appropriate web conference link will display on the page, allowing the Student to join the web conference.



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