Release Notes - Week Ending July 20th, 2018



Equivalencies is a simple yet powerful new feature in Exceed which allows admins to define an equivalent relationship between two or more activities, thus leveraging the completion and prerequisite statuses of equivalent activities across the course catalog. With this feature, for example, you can solve your locale problems by making all the translated versions of an activity “equivalent” to each other so that if a Student completes one particular activity, they’ve in effect completed all other equivalent activities.

To learn more about equivalencies, please check out this Help article.

‘mastery_score’ added to Assessment JSON export

For those who need it, the “mastery_score” field, which is the passing score for the assessment, has been added to the data that is output for an Assessment JSON export.


‘Catalog Details” field removed from Activity Properties

Since it is no longer being used anywhere in the UI, the “Catalog Details” field has been removed from the Activity Properties page for all activity types.



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