Admins may find that there are circumstances where two or more activities are similar enough that they warrant a completion status regardless of which one has been taken. For example, duplicate activities offered in multiple languages, a new version of an activity where a Student has passed the old content, or activities differentiated for a user population (e.g., union vs. non-union) all could be cases where it makes sense to normalize completion across like activities.

In these instances, it makes sense to have activities be equivalent to each other, meaning if a Student completes one equivalent activity, then they will be shown as completing any other equivalent activity.


Defining equivalent courses is an easy process. The first step is to identify a "parent" activity - all other equivalent activities will be defined as "child" activities to this parent. In the Equivalence section on the Activity Properties page, check the Parent Activity box:


Now that the Parent is defined, any other activity you wish to be equivalent to the Parent can be defined as a Child activity to the Parent. To do so, in the same section on the Activity Properties page, click the Edit icon and choose an available Parent activity:



 Although defining equivalent activities is an easy process, please note the following:

  • A Parent activity can have one or more Children
  • A Child activity may only have one Parent activity
  • A Child activity may not be a Parent activity (i.e., have Children of its own)
  • A Parent activity cannot also be a Child activity (i.e., linked to other Parent activities)
  • Any activity type may be linked in this way to any other activity type, including scheduled activities
  • If an admin unchecks the Parent activity checkbox, all Child activity linkages to that Parent are removed


Impact on other Activity Properties

Let's consider three activities: A, B and C, where A is the Parent and B & C are the Children. If a Student completes activity A, then the following will be applied to activities B and C:

  • Prerequisites: Any activity that has B or C as a prerequisite will be unlocked
  • Path/Collection activity status: All Path/Collection learning path rules will be respected and applied

However, no enrollments, credit units, Level XP, or awards are given for activities B and C, and no letter triggers are sent, no group assignments are made, and nothing will show in History, either.

Once a Student is enrolled in either activity B or C and completes it, all normal enrollment-based properties will apply (e.g., awards will be earned, letter triggers sent, etc.).


Student View

When a Student views an equivalent activity in the Catalog, they'll see a gray checkmark in the upper left corner of the card if another equivalent activity has been completed. When accessing the Activity page, they'll see a message in the progress banner at the top stating when they've passed the equivalent activity.





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