Release Notes - January 29th, 2018

Note that last week's release was pushed out last evening, January 28th, 2018.




Activity Sessions

Activity Sessions (or Activity Scheduling) is live as of the morning of 1/29/18! You should have been sent communication with a link to an announcement detailing this functionality. If not, please review this material at your earliest convenience so you can take advantage of this awesome feature in Exceed!

Path Design Improvements

We have made a number of visual and navigational enhancements to how Paths display in the Student view. Newly on the Path activity page:

  1. Added connector lines between marker icons in a section
  2. The marker icon shape can be a circle, as before, or a star shape. This new star shape can be used however you wish (e.g., to denote a “critical path” of activities, or activities of the same type, like assessments as shown in the example below). You can select this option via the settings for each activity in the Path.
  3. Changed location and presentation of toggle icon for sections (down arrow now means collapsed, up arrow means expanded)
  4. Changed how recommended and required activities are identified, as well as updating the icon for recommended activities
  5. Completed activities’ icons are highlighted blue
  6. Marker icons for audio and video activities have been added




In addition to the changes above, on the Path Activity page, the Student will notice the following enhancement in the mini-navigational view on the left side of the screen:

  1. Added collapsibility to the navigation - For sections with 6 or more activities, the navigation section will show 5 activities at a time, with “Show more” text at the top or bottom of the navigational flow if more activities exist prior or later in the section. Clicking the “Show more” link will expand the rest of the section in that direction. Note that the current activity will be highlighted in blue, and it as well as the next activity will always show in the navigation without the need to use the “Show more” link.



Recommended icon changed

Due to the change in the Recommended icon for Paths (described above), this icon has also been updated elsewhere in the system, including on catalog cards and in recommendation notices on the Activity page:

012618-01.jpg          012618-02.jpg


M4a audio files now play in-line

Prior to this enhancement, if an m4a audio file was accessed by a Student (via a File activity), the file would need to be downloaded, then played. With this enhancement, .m4a files will play in-line on the Activity page, the same as .wav, .mp3 and .ogg files.

Separated Completion options for video activities

For video activities (both File- and Link-type), we’ve separated the ability to enable the "Mark As Complete" button, as well as the option to automatically mark completion of the video if viewed to within the last 30 seconds. These options are found on the activity's Properties page in the Completion section. An administrator may now select either option, none, or both:





Students received multiple microdegree certificates for eLearning courses

In a few instances, some Students were seeing a microdegree certificate displaying multiple times in their user profile. This was due to the enrollment being toggled between an “in progress” and “passed” status while the course was being taken. We have fixed this issue and now the microdegree will only be awarded one time upon successful completion of the activity.



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