Release Notes - Week Ending July 6th, 2018



“Congratulations” changed to “Certificate of Completion” on Awards

Due to the fact that “Congratulations” may not always be the appropriate way to signal someone’s completion of an activity, we have changed the text which appears at the top of an earned award to “Certificate of Completion.”



Search by activity when recommending activity based on assessment score

When an admin is viewing the questions for an assessment, they are able to click on the “Actions” button to set a score threshold on a pool of questions in order to recommend activities to users if the score is not met. Prior to this enhancement, a dropdown list of all activities in the system would be presented to choose from. We have replaced the dropdown with an autocomplete search field so that the admin can type in the name (or partial name) of an activity and select from a short, matched list.



Assessment UI changes

We’ve cleaned up a lot of the HTML and CSS that impacts the way assessments are viewed in the user interface to bring them up to our current design methodology. While none of the assessment functionality has changed, if you notice that any custom CSS has been impacted by these changes, please contact your Account Manager.


'@user_password@' dynamic variable removed from letters

Since most clients are using encrypted passwords (which wouldn’t display anything in the @user_password@ dynamic variable), we have removed this dynamic variable from letters.


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