Release Notes - Week Ending June 29th, 2018



Embedly changes for Link activities

We’ve made some performance enhancements to how Embedly is used for grabbing a preview image and description from the linked site for a Link activity. Instead of Embedly’s javascript plugin, we are now using the Embedly API which will result in performance improvements when your Students access link activities. Also, administrators may now choose to not use Embedly, as well as upload their own preview image. You will notice a new Display Properties area on the Properties page for Link activities. In addition to including the Cover Art and Hero Image fields, a new “Embed” checkbox and Preview Image field displays:


As a reminder, Cover Art is the image that shows on the activity card or in the next activity section of a Path, and Preview Image is the image that shows within the activity itself.

Unchecking the “Embed” checkbox will not use the Embedly functionality and you’ll need to provide your own Description text and Preview image. If a Preview Image is uploaded and the Embed box is checked, the Preview Image will not be used in lieu of the Embedly image.

Note that for existing Link activities, you will find the Embed box will be checked (on), in order to preserve the same functionality as before.

Public Profile Prompt is now localized

On the Account Settings page, administrators can define a prompt/warning text (if enabled) that a Student sees when they make their profile public. We have added the ability to localize this text, so that now on the Account Settings page, multiple Public Profile Prompt fields will display, one for each language that’s been enabled for the account:



‘Passed’ letter triggers sent out in near real-time

When a Student completes an activity in a “Passed” status, if there is a “Passed (Complete)” letter trigger defined for that activity, the letter will now be sent out within minutes of the status change, instead of overnight as before.

Performance improvements to auto group memberships

As part of our efforts to increase performance across the Exceed LMS, we have made a number of performance improvements to the processing of auto group memberships.


Activities launched via enrollment link should return to default Home page

If a Student launched an activity from outside of the system via an enrollment URL and closed the activity via the “X” icon, they would be taken directly to the My Library page instead of their default Home page. This problem has been corrected and now the Student will be taken to their default Home page in this scenario.

‘Topics Followed’ link from My Profile page doesn’t respect group restrictions

If a Student clicked on the “X Topics Followed” link on their My Profile page, a pop-up window displayed with a list of Topic tags. Unfortunately, all topics would be listed regardless of any group restrictions that existed based on the group membership(s) of the Student. This bug has been addressed so that if a Student doesn’t belong to a group that a topic is restricted to, that topic will not display in the pop-up window.

Group List page changes

We’ve made a few changes to the Group List page to reduce confusion for administrators. The “Number of Members” column has been changed to “Approximate Number of Members,” resulting in the approximation symbol being removed from in front of all numbers in that column. Also, totals will be cached when the administrator visits the Group’s Members or Properties pages, so until that occurs the first time the count will be blank instead of “0”.


Various security and performance improvements

As part of our ongoing quality assurance process, we have implemented various security and performance improvements within the LMS.

Ordered and Unordered List markdown text wasn’t processing correctly

In a Post activity, the markdown text for ordered and unordered lists wasn’t processing the text correctly. An extra line break in between elements and hanging indents for wrapped text wasn’t working.







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