Release Notes - Week Ending June 8th, 2018


Discover Tab

In our continuing efforts to solve the content problem, we are releasing the Discover Tab, which provides access to a new catalog of high-quality, informal content organized across a wide variety of business-related topics. From a learner’s perspective, they will feel like they suddenly have access to a weekly online magazine, curated by a team of content experts, academics, subject matter experts and pop-culture celebrities, all of whom are dedicated to assisting in the discovery of meaningful, informal learning resources.


To learn more more about the Discover Tab functionality, check out this useful Help article.

Allow students to review assessment after each failed attempt

Currently, if an assessment allows multiple attempts, the learner cannot review their failed attempts until after they’ve completed all attempts. We’ve now added the ability to view the failed attempts prior to the max number of attempts being achieved via the History tab of My Library. Each attempt occurrence will display so that the student can access any one and review their passed/failed questions from the assessment.


Ampersand (&) character being stripped from calendar invite emails

If an ampersand character is used in the name of an activity session, any calendar invites that are sent via email to the learner would see the ampersand character missing in the email title. We have corrected this problem so that any ampersand characters will display in this scenario.



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