Activity Scheduling: A New Year’s Revolution!


New Year--New Ways to Engage

Hello and Happy New Year, everybody! As we usher in 2018, we’ve all likely made some commitments, resolutions, promises in the name of being our best selves. Some of us may have even joined a gym or dusted off that stationary bike because this year we’re really going to use it. Here at Intellum, helping people reach their highest potential is kind of what we do, so the new year is an opportunity to look ahead and start executing on our product roadmap. Our goal is always to keep improving our platform by giving you the tools to increase engagement within your org, and we recognize the value of flexibility and ease within the administration of learning materials. Today we're announcing the latest evolution--nay, revolution!--of the Exceed platform, one that allows you to schedule literally any kind of learning activity: Activity Scheduling.




Recently, our team huddled up, partly to keep warm, but mostly to talk about scheduled learning, and we realized our Event-specific approach could be so much more. Events were a good way to schedule Sessions, but why were we settling for good when we could make this feature more flexible, more open and, dare we say it, exceptional? Recognizing this opportunity, we built a more comprehensive and intuitive Activity Scheduling system that we believe will make scheduled learning in Exceed just plain better.




Activity Scheduling, which you can experience for yourself starting today in your staging environment, is a more flexible and powerful approach to creating Sessions that isn't dependent on the limited functionality of the Event activity type. Unlike the previous iteration of Event-specific scheduling, now you have the freedom to create Sessions for any activity type. Yes, literally any activity type! Want to add recurring Sessions to a Link, File, or even a Path? Go ahead! Or how about a timed, proctored Assessment? Not a problem! In short, Activity Scheduling gives you the power to do more with your scheduled learning by basically giving each Activity its own built-in calendar.

With these bigger changes come some smaller tweaks to the functionality that we think you’ll find extremely useful. For example, in addition to scheduling any kind of learning activity, now you can copy Sessions within activities, carrying over all applicable configurations. Also we’ve enhanced the naming conventions within Sessions themselves, adding Activity Title, optional Session name, Location, and filterable City functionality. Another big little enhancement is the ability to enroll users directly to Sessions within a Path.

Introducing, the Facilitator…

Prior to Activity Scheduling, our system required a user with at least Restricted Admin access to act as the Event’s Instructor. Now, however, we’ve created a new, more flexible enrollment type called the Facilitator. This is a powerful new role--Facilitators have the ability to manage enrollment status, Session participants, Wait List requests, and even Instructor-Graded Assessments! On top of all that, a Facilitator doesn’t need to be a Restricted Admin and could, in fact, now be a Student user. With this enhancement, we’re also adding the new Facilitator Experience, which allows these users to easily manage their assigned Sessions. We think it’s pretty awesome!


What this Means to You

Here’s what to expect. If you’re currently using Events to schedule learning, you’ll notice in staging that your existing Event activity types will be automatically converted to either Posts or Assessments, depending on how the completion actions are set. Anything that’s currently scheduled will still be there, and the assigned Instructor for each Session will now be a Facilitator. During this automatic rollover into the upgraded Activity Scheduling feature, all applicable properties and enrollments will carry over as well. The feature will be live in production on Sunday, January 28.

All in all, we hope you’re as excited for this update as we are! Of course, if you have any concerns of questions, we encourage you to reach out to your Account Strategist directly, or to our support team at support@intellum.comAnd, as always, check out the Related Articles in our Help Desk (linked below) for a deeper dive into this exciting feature enhancement.

Stay Warm, y’all!

Seasons change, features improve, resolutions come and go. As we all move toward sunnier days, we at Intellum aspire to better, more flexible solutions to issues of engagement. Achieving our best self helps you and your learners achieve your best selves--it’s a New Year’s win-win! Whether you’re an active user of Sessions or you’re curious about how scheduled learning could benefit your org, we hope you’ll curl up with a cup of cocoa or hot tea and make a resolution to explore this awesome new product evolution.

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