Release Notes - Week Ending January 19th, 2018




Added ability to bulk restrict Sessions via Bulk Session Import

In the Bulk Session Import, we have added a field called “Copy Activity Group Restrictions.” When set to “True,” that session will have the same group activity restrictions as the activity it is part of.


This allows the administrator to run an integration that will bulk restrict many sessions at once.


Enhanced bulk edit capability for Activity Enrollments

We have improved the functionality of the bulk edit pop-up when editing activity enrollments:


The new pop-up will initially show blank fields, since leaving a field blank will not change the current value of that field for any of the enrollments selected.


Additional fields will appear depending on the selection, so for example, if “passed (complete)” is selected for Status, and “required” is selected for Type, the five related fields for those selections will display for text to be entered. Typing in the word “blank” into a text entry field will clear out the value of that field for all selected enrollments.


Note that you may now select all three enrollment types from the dropdown box (required, recommended and elected).


Description and Instruction fields added to Path Content report

In the Path Content report, two new fields have been added to query against and include in the report output:

  • Activity text field description
  • Activity text field instructions






Proper error message not displaying when Restricted Admin tries to add unauthorized activity to Path

If a Restricted Admin only has permission to edit specific activities in the system, if they try to add an activity to a path but do not have permission to edit the activity, the error message “You are not authorized for that action” would appear on a blank screen. We have fixed this issue so that a proper error message will appear at the top of the existing Path Content page.



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