Activity Sessions - Student Experience

With the new Activity Session functionality, Students can access scheduled activities of any type from the catalog, or be enrolled into scheduled activities by an administrator.


By browsing the Catalog, a Student can access a scheduled activity like any other activity. Clicking the “All Sessions” button on the Browse page displays all visible Sessions to the Student, which can be filtered by difficulty or timeframe at the top right of the page:



The Student can enroll directly into the scheduled activity from this page (or request to be put on the waitlist if the activity is full). Students can also search the Catalog via the Search field at the top of the page to access scheduled activities. When the title of a scheduled activity is clicked, the activity page displays:



Once enrolled, the activity will appear on the Student’s My Library > Current tab. When accessed, the Student will see the activity details and the Resources tab:



A “Join” button will display to the right of the Session title if a URL was added to the Session.




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