Activity Sessions - Facilitator Experience

With Activity Sessions, a Facilitator may be defined as someone who can manage session resources and participants as a non-admin user. To allow non-admin users to facilitate a session, a new enrollment type has been created for activity instructors. This will enable assigned users to access a special experience in the Student view.


Please note the following regarding Facilitators:

  • Facilitators are only supported for Scheduled Activities and Manually Graded Assessments (formerly Instructor Graded Assessments)
  • Existing Instructors on Events and Instructor Graded Assessments will be converted to Facilitators
  • Existing Instructors on Posts, Files, Links, Paths, and Auto-graded Assessments will no longer be supported and removed.
  • A Facilitator cannot be enrolled into any session they are facilitating.


A Facilitator may access a Scheduled Activity from their My Library > Current page:



Note the facilitator indicator:



Clicking on the Session Name displays the Session page, where the Facilitator has access to manage Resources, Participants, and the Wait List:



From the Resources tab, the Facilitator may add or remove Files or Links to the Session (either as pre-work or supplementary material for the Session):



From the Participants tab, the Facilitator may do the following:

  • Change the enrollment status of participants to Passed, Failed, or No Show. Scheduled Assessments, eLearning, and Paths can only be marked as No Show.
  • Enroll and Unenroll participants
  • Send ad hoc letters and resend calendar invites to selected participants
  • Evaluate (grade) instructor graded assessments
  • Evaluate participants’ evaluations



From the Wait List tab, the Facilitator may approve or deny any wait list requests:




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