Release Notes - Week Ending August 19, 2016

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Intellum Help Desk Landing Page Redesign

In our continuing efforts to improve the client experience across all of our tools and services, we have redesigned the Landing Page of the Intellum Help Desk. The new design introduces a more intuitive, user-friendly interface and cohesive design with our other products.




Assessment and Survey Reports have 90-day default timeframe

Some clients’ Assessment and Survey reports were too big and unable to load, so we’ve made the timeframe default to the last 90 days to limit the amount of data in order to prevent further issues. The impacted reports are:

  • Assessment Response
  • Assessment Response Question
  • Survey Response
  • Survey Response Question
  • Survey Campaign Assessment Response
  • Survey Campaign Assessment Response Question


Event Letter Preview disappearing from Session Letter Properties

If you had mapped a Letter to an Event, then created a Session of that Event, you would be able to preview the Event Letter from the Session Properties. However, if you then added a Letter to the Session, you would no longer be able to preview the Event Letter. We have fixed this nebulous issue so that both Session and Event Letters can be previewed from the Session Properties.


Special Characters being removed from GoToMeeting/GoToTraining Session Names

If you create a GoToMeeting/GoToTraining Session that had any special characters (!@#$%^&*():;’”-_+=/?.,") in the title, the LMS would strip those characters out of the title and you wouldn’t see them in the meeting. So for example, “Test Suite: Tool & Resources” would display as “Test Suite Tools Resources”. This has been fixed so that the special characters will remain in the title.


Requesting one Session caused all Sessions to display “Requested” status

If an Event that was included in a Path had more than one Session defined and a Student requested one of the Sessions, on the Enrollment details page for the Event all of the Sessions would show as “Requested.” This has been fixed so that only the Session that was requested will show the “Requested” status.


Enrollments Time column removed from Path Enrollments report

The Enrollments Time column never showed time on the Paths Enrollment report, since Enrollments Time is related to individual activities. Therefore, the column was removed from the report.


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