Release Notes - Week Ending July 29, 2016

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Recommended Activities now have their own section on the Catalog Home page

On the Catalog Home page, students will now see a section for Recommended Activities (similar to, and underneath the Featured Activities section). The Recommended Activities include both admin-defined group- and user-specific recommendations.


“Expired” course message now appears as alert

If an activity has a due date set upon enrollment, and the “Revoke enrollment access after due date is reached” option in Enrollment Properties is selected, when the date is reached a student will now see an alert at the top of the page instead of a message based in the old user interface:





In a Path, Events with Sessions that don’t have a date caused error

If you delete the date from a Session whose Event exists in a Path, when you tried to view the Path enrollment you would encounter an error. This has been fixed so that the Path enrollment displays even if an Event’s Session doesn’t have an associated date.


Non-ASCII Activity names didn’t truncate

On the Activity Properties page, if an activity title is too long and in a language that is not ASCII-based (e.g., Japanese characters), the activity title at the top of the page wouldn’t truncate. This has been fixed to show the truncated title.


Copying an optional section that is first in a Path caused an error

If you’ve created a Path that has its first section marked as optional, then try to copy that section (on the Path Properties page), you would received an error. This has been fixed so that the optional first section can be copied without issue.


Completion of videos without “Mark as Complete” enabled caused overlay problem

If a student was enrolled in a video that didn’t have the “Mark as Complete” button enabled for it, when they progressed to the end of the video (within the last 30 seconds), the “Next Activity In Path” message at the bottom right of the page would be covered up slightly by the video.

The message now appears on top of the video.

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