Release Notes - Week Ending July 22, 2016

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Certificates are now bulk printed in alphabetical order

When printing certificates for an activity (via Enrollments > More > Download Certificates), the certificates will print out in alphabetical order (last name, then first name).




When editing Session Date, some fields wouldn’t appear if session was imported

If you tried to edit the dates for an upcoming session on the Session Properties page, the Location, Description and URL fields would be missing on the Edit Date pop-up window If the session was originally imported via the Session Import function. This has been fixed so that the fields appear correctly:


Copying an Event from the Activity Properties page also copied Sessions and Enrollments

The June 3rd, 2016 Release Notes included a fix to copy Sessions and Enrollments along with the associated Event that was copied. After further consideration we have reverted this functionality so that when you copy an Event, only the Event is copied.


Calendar Event Update Emails not sent if Timezone field is empty

If a Calendar Event Update Email was triggered to be sent to a student who had no data in the Timezone field of their User profile, then the email wouldn’t be sent out. This has been fixed so that the student will receive the email regardless of what is in the Timezone field.


Blocking Flash in the browser caused issues in Assessments

If you are blocking the use of Flash in the browser, this caused a problem where students would see the following image briefly flash on-screen for non-video Assessment questions:


Restricted Admins couldn’t attach a Survey to an Activity

Previously, Restricted Admins didn’t have visibility to be able to attach a Survey (via the Properties page) to an Activity. This restriction has been removed so that Restricted Admins (with the right permission) can attach a Survey to an Activity.


Featured Activities displayed with legacy activity types on Catalog Home page

Previously, in the Featured Activities area of the Catalog Home page, any featured activities that displayed were showing an old activity type:

We have fixed this error to show the correct, Falcon-based activity types:


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