Release Notes - Week Ending July 15, 2016

(Note: for a technical list of fixes/enhancements, click here.)




“Release Notes” link on Dashboard page now navigates to more descriptive Release Notes in Help

Prior to this release, when you clicked on the “Release Notes” link on the Dashboard page, you would navigate to a page which listed, in technical bullet points, all of the fixes/enhancements in the week’s release. Moving forward, this link will navigate to a more user-friendly, descriptive list (in Help) of those fixes/enhancements which are functionally relevant to clients.

For those clients who are curious about knowing everything about everything, a link from the Release Notes in Help back to the technical Release Notes will be provided.


Timezone “Required Field” message enhanced

When adding a user and forgetting to add a timezone (or editing your own profile and removing the timezone), you would receive a fairly cryptic message noting that “Timezone” is a required field. We have made the message crystal clear now:





Reordering Question Pools fixed

Previously, when in an Assessment and trying to reorder questions pools via the Edit Pools option, sometimes moving a Pool to the desired order did not work. We have fixed this issue so that all Pools can be moved to any spot in the Pool order.


Importing SCORM or AICC activities with “Mark as Complete” set to true gave an error when File Properties were updated

Some clients import the properties for a SCORM or AICC file activity along with data for other activity types (and then attach the zip file to the activity later). If you did this and set “Mark as Complete” to true in your data, you wouldn’t be able to update the properties of the SCORM or AICC activity – you would see the following error message:

We have corrected this problem so that the File Properties can be edited as normal.


Students’ ability to bypass path order on sections that must be completed in order is fixed

If you’ve created a Path with at least 2 sections that must be completed in order, and the first section has 2 or more activities that can be completed in any order, a Student could complete the last activity in the first section and proceed directly to the second section, without completing all other required activities in the first section.

We have removed the prompt that allowed the Student to continue to the next section in this scenario, and now they must complete all activities in the section before moving on to the next section.

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