Release Notes - Week Ending August 12, 2016

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Additional French translation text added to Activities and Assessments/Surveys

French language users will be happy to see that we have added further French translation to static text on screens for Activities and Assessments/Surveys Properties pages.


‘Users Full Name’ column replaces User IDs showing in Comments Report

In the Comments Report, the ‘Users Full Name’ column has been added to replace the User IDs that were displaying since User IDs are not very descriptive.


‘User Manager’ field now autocompletes

In the system, when choosing a manager you would have to choose from a list of people. Now, when you begin typing a name, the field autocompletes (similar to the Position field).  This functionality exists in User Reports, filtering for automatic groups, and advanced filtering for enrollments, among other areas.





Enrolling via URL for an activity at maximum enrollment generated an error

If maximum attendance for an activity is reached, and a Student tried to enroll in that activity via a URL link, a browser error would return. This has been fixed so that the “Session is full, enrollment was not created” message displays.


Activity Enrollment Video Statuses Report now runs

The Activity Enrollment Video Statuses Report was returning a broken link error when a user tried to create it. It now runs like a charm.


Letter Trigger type of ‘Any Completed’ wouldn’t allow editing of Reminder interval

If you created a letter trigger of type ‘Any Completed’ and set a ‘Remind’ interval, you wouldn’t see the reminder interval when previewing the letter trigger settings, and even worse, you couldn’t go back and edit the Remind field since it would disappear from the Properties page!


We have corrected this so you can now go back and edit the reminder interval:


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