Release Notes - Week Ending June 24, 2016



“Days Before Due Date” attribute added to Courses API

An additional attribute, ‘hide_until,’ has been added to the /api_courses resource. This attribute signifies the number of days before its due date an enrollment should begin displaying to students.


Deleting an online course package (SCORM or AICC) with students enrolled displays warning

On the File Properties page, if you try to delete the associated SCORM or AICC package file and there are student(s) enrolled in the activity who are in progress, a new warning message will appear:




Multiple Results via Autocomplete for Custom Fields in Group and Report queries fixed

Previously, when entering in a search term via the search filter for a custom field in group and report queries, sometimes the autocomplete results in the dropdown list would contain duplicates. For example, if I wanted to search for a particular user via ‘Talent Level’ custom field, and started typing ‘man’, I might see the autocomplete result list showing ‘Manager’ multiple times. This has been fixed to only show each unique autocomplete result once.


“Assessment Created!” text changed to “Survey Created!”

When creating a standalone survey, you will now receive a correct pop-up message stating “Survey Created!” instead of the old text “Assessment Created!”


Line breaks not recognized in Summary text (Branding Organization Properties)

On the Branding Organization Properties page, the Summary field did not recognize line breaks in the text, causing all of the text to flow together. This has been corrected so that the line breaks are preserved.


Assessment Analytics could display incorrect number of questions

When reviewing the results of an Assessment via the Analytics tab, if an administrator reloads the page or navigates to another tab (Responses, Enrollments, etc.) and back to the Analytics tab, the incorrect number of questions at the bottom of the screen. This has been fixed to always show the correct number.

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