Release Notes - Week Ending June 17, 2016



Survey activities can now be launched on their own from the Show Enrollment page

Previously, Surveys were only launchable when attached to another activity or when they existed within a path. This has been updated to allow a Survey to exist on its own, and the “Launch Survey” button now appears on the Survey’s Show Enrollment page.


“Confirmation” text now reads “Mark as Complete” in Enrollment Properties

In the system we had been using the word “Confirmation” to refer to requiring student confirmation when an activity is complete via clicking on a “Mark Complete” button. In order to eliminate confusion, the word “Confirmation” has been changed to “Mark as Complete”; this occurs in the following areas of the system:

  • Activity Properties page, Enrollment Properties section (for Event activities, the field is “Completion Action”)

  • Activities Import and Activities Integration – “Has Confirmation” column name changed

Note that this is different from the Confirmation area under Catalog Properties that requires students enrolling via the catalog to confirm acceptance of a disclaimer.


Columns added for activity imports/integrations

Three new fields have been added to the activity import file structure to allow for additional data. The three fields are:

  • Description (HTML activity description)
  • Has Comments (true or false)
  • Survey Code (unique id for associated survey)





Very large reports can be exported

Previously, when the amount of data being returned for a custom report was massive and took too long to display in the user interface (UI), a 503 error would be generated in the browser. This has been fixed so that a message appears in the UI and the report can then be exported for analysis.


Resource links in Events and Sessions properties pages fixed

Previously, when an admin clicked on the link for a Resource in the Resources section of an Event or Activity’s Properties page, you would receive an error. This has been fixed so that the resource will open in a new page. The Student experience was not impacted.


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