Microdegrees - User Experience

A Microdegree is a way to track your accomplishments. You’ll see Microdegrees are attached to some activities or paths and are awarded upon completion to recognize you for your accomplishment.

A Microdegree can be attached to any activity type (including paths) so that when you complete it, the activity presents you with a badge.

You can search for activities that award a Microdegree from the Catalog Home Page. Any Card that has a blue ribbon icon in the bottom right of the card awards a Microdegree on completion.


In the left column, you can click the browse option to view the Microdegrees you have earned.


Click on your profile image in the top right of exceed and choose "My Profile" you will be see a display showing your earned Microdegree's.



Adding a Microdegree to your LinkedIn profile

Unfortunately, due to recent changes to the LinkedIn API, adding a Microdegree certification to your LinkedIn profile is a manual process. This article details the steps to adding a Microdegree earned in Exceed to your LinkedIn profile, and this video also guides you through the process.



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