Gamification (badging) is best done within the LMS, where we’ve created a new achievement category called a Microdegree. A Microdegree is a certification that represents a meaningful achievement by students seeking to demonstrate their mastery of a topic.

Microdegrees can be attached to any activity type (including paths) so that when completed by a Student, the activity presents them with a badge.


Enabling a Microdegree for an Activity

Navigate to the desired Activity under Admin > Activities.


After clicking on the desired Activity, its Enrollment page will display. Click on the Properties tab.


In this example we are looking at the “User Experience Design” path. Scroll down to the Microdegree section. Click on the checkbox to allow this activity to award a microdegree, and enter in a Name, Description, Expiration timeframe (in months), and choose a Badge image.

Note: You can create custom Badge logos and attach your own Badge image here instead of using the default image.

Click on the Save Changes button to enable the Microdegree for this Activity.


Disabling Microdegrees

You can request disabling of Microdegrees in your account. This is a back-end request so please contact [support@intellum.com] to request this service. As a result, you will of course not see the following:

  • [Admin] Show LinkedIn “Add to Profile” button for microdegrees checkbox on the Account Properties page
  • [Admin] Microdegree checkbox in the Enrollment Properties section on Activity Property pages
  • [Student] Microdegree filter radio button on the Catalog – All Activities and Catalog – Upcoming pages



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