Release Notes - Week Ending June 3, 2016



Position filter changed from dropdown list to autocomplete field

As more clients run into a situation where they have defined many Positions for their users, the usability of the Position filter becomes unwieldy. Therefore, we have changed the filter from a dropdown to an autocomplete field. The three areas where this appears in the system are:

  • User filter (Advanced) – on the Users page
  • Report Query
  • Group auto-enrollment

Please note that the name of the filter column has changed from ‘User position’ to ‘Position name.’





Catalog Filtering of Events/Sessions fixed

Events and Sessions were showing up in Catalog results if the “Featured”, “Recommended” or “Microdegree” radio buttons were selected, even if none of those features had been chosen on the Event’s or Session’s Properties page. These three filters now work correctly.


French translation of Filter items on History page fixed

If your language was set to “French” and you tried to use the “Filter” dropdown on the Student History page (to choose from ‘All,’ ‘Featured,’ ‘Path,’ ‘Link,’ ‘File,’ ‘Assessment,’ ‘Event’ and ‘Post’), you would experience a page crash. This has been fixed so that the translated values appear without issue.


Sessions will now copy over when an Event is copied

When copying an Event (from the Actions dropdown on the Event Properties page), any existing Sessions weren’t being copied along with it. This has been fixed so that copies of the Sessions now appear with the copied Event.


Exporting an Enrollment report will report the ‘Enrollments Due On’ date correctly

Previously, when exporting an Enrollment report (to CSV, XML, HTML, Excel or PDF), the ‘Enrollments Due On’ date would show as 8:00 pm on the previous day in the exported file. This has been fixed to show just the correct date.


E-Learning courses marked complete by Admin now show ‘Review’ instead of ‘Resume’

If an Administrator had manually set an E-Learning course (File activity) to a Completed status, the student incorrectly saw a ‘Resume’ button on the course’s Enrollment page. This has been corrected to show the ‘Review’ button instead.


‘Needs Grading’ filter no longer appears for auto-graded assessments

Previously, when filtering students on an assessment’s Enrollments page, the Filter dropdown would show the ‘Needs grading’ option even if the assessment was Auto-graded. Now, the ‘Needs grading’ option will only show for Instructor-graded assessments.


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