Release Notes - Week Ending July 1, 2016



“Mark as Complete” text now reads “Completion” in Enrollment Properties

In the system we had recently changed the “Confirmation” section in Enrollment Properties for an activity to read “Mark as Complete.” In order to further reduce confusion, we have changed the section name to “Completion,” included a description, and altered the field name from “Enabled” to “Enable “Mark As Complete” button.”


New Report Type “Comments” added

When creating a new custom report, you can now choose a new report type called “Comments,” which will allow you to build a report filtered on comments by course or by time period.


The Student Experience for uploading audio files in an Assessment has been improved

If a student takes an assessment where a particular question requires the upload of an audio file, it was somewhat confusing when they could leave the page after the file was uploaded. The process in the user interface has been clarified so that after the file has been chosen for upload:

  • The file upload gauge will display, then
  • A notification that the file is being processed, in addition to a message alerting the student they can navigate away from the page, as the file will continue to process in the background, then
  • A media player will appear, from which the audio file can be played
  • Finally, the question can be submitted as normal




Student notifications page accessible if Microdegrees are enabled

Previously, if Microdegrees were enabled for an account, the Student Notifications page would be inaccessible. This has been corrected so that the Notifications page can be navigated to regardless of Microdegrees being enabled or not.


Warning message appears for Path section names greater than 255 characters

Path section names are limited to 255 characters or less, however the system wouldn’t alert you if you tried to break this rule. An error message now appears stating “Name is too long (maximum is 255 characters)” if you get overzealous creating or updating a Path section name.

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