Release Notes - Week Ending June 10, 2016



Due Date on Enrollment Details and Letters fixed

When viewing the due date of an activity on the Enrollment Details screen (whether in the Admin or Student view) or in a Letter, the date displayed would be one day behind the actual due date. This has been fixed to display the correct due date. 


Changing a URL associated with a Link activity fixed

Previously, if you tried to change a URL associated with a link activity via the Activities import function, the URL field on the activity would not update. This has been fixed so that the URL will be updated correctly on the Link Properties page after the import has processed.


Searching Upcoming Sessions fixed

If a student navigated to the Catalog > Upcoming Sessions page and used the search box, the system would return an error page. This has been fixed so that the correct search results now display.


Imported File activity with no file attached couldn’t be added to a Path

Some clients find it necessary to bulk import activities (including paths) using the Activities import function. When doing so, any file activities that are included in a path would break the Path Content page (an error would be displayed) so that an Admin couldn’t edit the structure of the Path. This was due to the fact that any File activities that were part of the upload do not have any uploaded files associated with them yet.

[This File activity was imported, therefore no actual file is attached to the activity yet.]

This issue has been fixed so that the Path Content page is not impacted by File activities in this state.

[The “User Experience Design Research Report - 2016” File activity in this Path doesn’t break the Path’s Content page now.]


Filter dropdown on the Student History page was misaligned

Previously, if a Student profile was set to certain languages other than English, the Filter dropdown on the History page would be misaligned.

[Here the Filter dropdown is misaligned for a Student whose profile is set to French.] 

This has been corrected so that the Filter dropdown displays in line with the Add External Credit and Print History buttons regardless of language.


Assessment Questions not showing images in review mode

If an Assessment was created to have a Confirmation page and “Show All Responses,” and the Assessment contained questions with associated images, those images wouldn’t display after students completed the Assessment and viewed the Confirmation page. This made it difficult to accurately review the Assessment answers.

[Question with associated image didn’t show image on Confirmation page.]

This has been fixed so that the associated image will appear in Review mode.

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