Release Notes - Week Ending May 27, 2016



Option to Disable Microdegrees

You may now request disabling of microdegrees (recently introduced in the Falcon Release) for your account. This is a back-end request so please contact [] to request this service. As a result, you will of course not see the following:

  • [Admin] ‘Show LinkedIn “Add to Profile” button for microdegrees’ checkbox on the Account Properties page
  • [Admin] Microdegree checkbox in the Enrollment Properties section on Activity Property pages
  • [Student] Microdegree filter radio button on the “Catalog – All Activities” and “Catalog – Upcoming” pages


Option to Disable Comments at the Account level

A new option to enable/disable comments at the account level has been added. For comments to appear on activities, they must now be enabled at the account level and the activity level. Checking the ‘Activities’ checkbox on the Account Properties page causes the Activity-level comment control fields to appear, where comments can be enabled/disabled as normal. Unchecking the ‘Activities’ checkbox causes the Activity-level comment control fields to be hidden.


Existing comments will not be lost by toggling the account-level setting on/off.


Allow duplicate category names if parents are different

Prior to this release, category names within an account were validated for uniqueness. Now, categories at the same “level” only (e.g., at the top level, or at a subcategory level under the same parent) must be unique. Categories at different levels can reuse the same name.


Columns added for activity imports/integrations

Five new fields have been added to the activity import file structure to allow for additional data. The five fields are:

  • Type (Acitivity type – ‘path’, ‘link’, ‘file’, ‘assessment’, ‘event’ or ‘post’)
  • Duration (in seconds)
  • Has Confirmation (‘true’ or ‘false’ - to allow the Confirmation button to be turned on for link, file, event and post activity types)
  • Keywords
  • URL (only for the Link activity type)


Uploaded videos marked complete within last 30 seconds

Previously, only linked external videos (i.e. YouTube and Vimeo URL activities) were marked complete when there were 30 seconds or less left in the video. This release will now do the same for any uploaded video activity.


Drop Activity link for activities

To increase the visibility of being able to drop an activity from the enrollment screen, a “Drop Activity” link has been added where the ellipsis existed below the activity description.





View Logs button now available for SCORM file activities

After the Falcon Release, the “View Logs” button wasn’t available when debug mode was run for SCORM activities. The button is now accessible for you to view your course logs.



Google Authorization at login works again

Accounts set up with Google Authorization for login are now working again.


Old Student UI experience retired

A handful of clients using the old Student UI will now see the New Student UI. We highly recommend clients still using versions of Internet Explorer below v11 to upgrade as Microsoft no longer supports either IE 9 or IE 10. If you are using older versions of the IE browser, your Student experience in the new UI will not be perfect but will still be better than in the old UI.


Filtering a Session List by “Today” should not show Sessions from yesterday

Previously, while viewing a list of sessions for an event and then filtering by “Today,” the results would show any sessions dated today and yesterday. This has been fixed to only show sessions dated today.


Deleting an activity/section within a path produces a warning pop-up message

We’ve brought back a warning pop-up message to alert you when deleting an activity or section within a path. The pop-up forces you to click “OK” to continue with the deletion. These actions will also get formally logged.


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