Falcon Release - Student Experience

Student Experience

 Activities can be delivered to students individually or bundled in paths, all of which are accessible from the ‘My List’ header in the student interface. Paths can contain ‘Hero Images’ that can be used for branding a particular lineup of a curriculum:

In addition to the Hero Image, ‘Activity Cover Art’ and instructions can be included in each Activity, giving the student more information on what each course, link, or video might cover. The type of activity will be auto-detected and labeled by the system, so the student also knows what kind of resource they are about to launch within the Path:  

Links that are uploaded from the Admin side are auto-detected and displayed for Users enrolled on the Student side (no embedding necessary)! The following examples demonstrate how uploaded links appear to the students accessing each from within the Learning Path.

Ted Talks link:

Amazon book link: 

External Academic Article link:

YouTube/Vimeo link:

SCORM Courses and Assessments have automatic Cover Pages that mark a clear start and end point for the User launching the activity. This Cover Page also houses cover art and descriptions, allowing for additional branding, introductions, or instructions on the student side:

For shared links and files (SCORM and AICC Courses not included,) users can ‘mark enrollments as complete,’ registering that they viewed the content of the course. Embedded videos like Ted talks and youtube videos will automatically update to complete as soon as the user has viewed up to the last 30 seconds of the content.


‘Comments’ are replacing what were formerly called Discussions. By accessing the speech bubble icon in the upper right hand corner of an enrollment, users can post feedback and interact with peers directly in real time.


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