Release Notes - Week Ending 11/25/2016

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Balance of Existing Accounts moved to Encrypted Passwords

In accordance with current software security standards, if your account was on our legacy password protocol (the use of plain text passwords), it now incorporates the encryption of all user passwords. Unrestricted administrators will still have the ability to assist with passwords resets, but will no longer be able to see a user’s current password. Restricted administrators, per existing convention, will only be able to change passwords of users in their defined group.

This also means that passwords will no longer be able to be included in letters or reports.


“Enrollment Completions” chart removed from Admin Dashboard

In an effort to incorporate future design elements and enhance performance, we have removed the User compliance chart from the Admin Dashboard page. In the interim, if you need to obtain this data, go to Reports and follow these steps to create a new report:

  1. Choose the “Activity Enrollments” report type.
  2. Click Edit Query and select a timeframe over which you’d like to see enrollment completion data (i.e., “year to date”). Click the Update button.
  3. In the data preview, click on one of the dropdown arrows next to a column and select “Edit Columns.” Delete all of the columns except User last name, User first name, Activity name, Enrollment completed on and Enrollment status. Click the Update button
  4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the “Enrollments Completed On” column and select the “Group This Column By Month” option. Also group by the Enrollments Status column.
  5. Finally, if you just want to see the totals, select the “Hide Details” checkbox.


Comments can be refreshed without reloading entire page

Prior to this enhancement, if a comment for an activity was added while a student was on the activity’s enrollment page, they wouldn’t see the new comment unless they refreshed the page. Now, the page will refresh comments automatically every 30 seconds, and we have also added a Refresh icon so that the Student can refresh Comments at any time.





Students CC’d on Report Subscriptions were permitted to receive and download reports

If an administrator created a subscription to a report and cc’d a student, the report link in the email that the student received would bypass authentication and the student would be able to access and download the report. We have addressed this issue and now all users present in the CC field will be authenticated, meaning that students will no longer be able to access reports in this way.


Creating a Link activity always created E-Learning type activities when account was set to allow AICC URLs

This issue only applied to accounts that were set to allow AICC URLs.

For such accounts, when a new Link activity was added, the administrator would see an additional “AICC URL” checkbox.

However, regardless of whether this box was checked or not, the resulting activity that was created would be an “E-Learning” type. We have corrected this so that the “E-Learning” type is only created if the checkbox is checked, otherwise the default “Link” type is created.


Point Values missing from newly created Assessment Questions


When creating a new Assessment question, the Points field dropdown wouldn’t display until after the question was added and you revisited the question. We have fixed this bug so that the Points field displays immediately when creating the question.



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