Release Notes - Week Ending 11/11/2016

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Admin view of Path Enrollment updated

We have enhanced the Admin display of a Student’s Path enrollment from the activity’s Enrollments page, so that the entire Path tree displays correctly. Prior to this enhancement, sometimes the Admin would see incorrect statuses compared to what the Student would see on their Show Enrollment page.


Added ability to “like” comments

We have added the ability to “like” comments for an activity, which can be added and removed from the Enrollments page by clicking on the “Like” link. The total number of likes for a comment will display next to the contributor’s name. Additionally, you can now sort comments by Most Liked (the default) in addition to Most Recent.




“Closing this page…” warning kept displaying in Chrome even after SCORM course was closed

If a Student used the Chrome browser and launched a SCORM course, they would normally see the following message on their Activity Enrollment page: “Warning: Closing this page may affect activity tracking!”

However, once the SCORM course was closed, the message should stop displaying and the Enrollment page should redisplay to its initial state. This did not work in Chrome, but has been fixed so that the warning message does go away and the Enrollment page displays correctly.



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