Release Notes - Week Ending 11/04/2016

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Self-registering users using British English or Japanese locale wouldn’t receive confirmation email

If you allow users to self register from the login page, and a user creates a new user account and chooses British English or Japanese for the locale, they didn’t receive a registration confirmation email. This has been fixed so that the confirmation email is sent for these two locales.


Restricted Admin unable to edit/delete comments in specific situation related to permissions

If a Restricted Admin exists that:

  • has all restricted admin permissions turned off, except
  • manages only those students who report directly to them
  • can moderate only specified discussions (comments)


In this specific case, if the restricted admin is given admin permission to an activity, the restricted admin would be able to reply to all comments, but only edit or delete their own comments. This has been fixed so that the restricted admin can edit or delete all comments given the moderation permission they were granted.




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