Release Notes - Week Ending October 14, 2016

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Catalog “Sort By Recent” option enhanced

On the “All Activities” tab of the Catalog, the option to “Sort By Recent” used to sort on the Creation Date of the Activity (the date the activity was first created in the LMS). We are now sorting by the “Published date,” which is editable by the admin on the Properties page of the Activity.


“Users” permission text for Restricted Admin given more clarity

On the User Properties page for Restricted Admin, under the Restricted Admin Permissions section the text for the Users field has been enhanced from:

“Allow this restricted admin to create and edit courses that they are permitted to manage.” to

“Allow this restricted admin to create new courses and edit courses that they are permitted to manage.”





Importing Sessions with no value in “Has Waitlist” column caused an error

If you used the Session Import feature and left the “Has Waitlist” column blank in the spreadsheet, you would receive an error on the import. We have fixed this error so that the values for this column will now default to “False” after the import if left blank.


Approving/Denying Waitlist Requests with blank subject line for Custom Email caused an error


In the process of approving or denying a waitlist request, administrators must choose to send a template or custom email to the Student(s) notifying them of the admin’s decision. If the admin chose to send a Custom Email and failed to enter a subject for the email, a generic error message would display. We have corrected the problem so that if a subject isn’t entered, a pop-up message will appear, preventing the email from being sent and reminding the admin to fill in the subject line.




Comments Report column names updated


Since the Falcon release the Comments Report still had column names referring to the old “Forum Posts” object. We’ve updated the report so that the following column names are now correct:

  • Comments Created On
  • Comments Updated On
  • Comments Updated By
  • Comments Content
  • Comments Rating



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