Release Notes - Week Ending September 23, 2016

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Administrator Event emails erroneously sent to Students

In a particular situation, Students would receive the administrator notification email ‘Your calendar event update email job has completed.’ The scenario would be if the Student enrolled in an Event’s Session via the Catalog. If email invitations were enabled, in addition to correctly receiving the Calendar Invite email, the administrator email would also be sent. This has been corrected so that the Student will not receive the administrator email.


“Next Activity in Path” feature didn’t auto-launch an eLearning activity in a Path

If you created a Path with an eLearning activity preceded by another activity, the “Next Activity in Path” feature wouldn’t launch directly into the eLearning course if the “Launch activities directly from the learning path enrollment” box was checked in the Path’s Enrollment Properties:

We have fixed this so that when the Next Activity in Path window appears when completing the prior activity, the eLearning course will directly launch if the above box is checked.


Reports would not export unless saved

If you tried to export a report without saving it, nothing would happen. This broke recently and we have fixed the issue so that there is no need to save a report first in order to export it.


Sessions defined with multiple dates displayed Time incorrectly on Upcoming Sessions page

If a Session was defined with more than one date, the Session Time would display erroneously on the Upcoming Sessions page. For example, if a Session was defined with two dates, the first date being November 17th, 10am to 12pm, and the second date being November 18th, 1pm to 3pm, the Session would display as 10:00 – 3:00pm on the Upcoming Sessions page. This has been fixed so that the correct time displays:


Non-Essential columns removed from Path Enrollments report

The following two columns have been removed from the Path Enrollments report:

  • Activities Type
  • Activities Subtype

These columns returned blank or meaningless data, so they will not be missed.



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