Release Notes - Week Ending September 9, 2016

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File Activity with .m4v file didn’t recognize video

When creating a File Activity, if a .m4v file (Apple video format) was uploaded, the activity didn’t recognize the file as a video and would not tag the activity as such. This would prevent the inline player from appearing when Students accessed the activity. This has been fixed so that .m4v files are recognized as videos, with the activity tagged appropriately.


Custom radio button field for Sessions didn’t appear to save data

If a custom radio button field was created for Activity Sessions, when an option was selected for the radio button the Session’s Properties page and the Save Changes button was clicked, it appeared that the selection was not saved (although it WAS saved to the database).

This has been fixed so that the radio button selection displays after saving.


Sometimes an approved waitlist request still displayed as pending on the Waitlist Requests page

This particular bug only appeared sporadically, but when it did, the following was true:

  • A Session that required admin authorization was created
  • After a Student requested the Session, the admin approved the request on the Waitlist Requests page, and attached a letter to be sent (via the Send Bulk Email button)

Occasionally, the admin would see the request still pending on the Waitlist Requests page after the approval. This issue has been corrected so that the request disappears from the list of requests after approval.



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