Release Notes - Week Ending August 26, 2016

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Active field added for Positions; can now be bulk deactivated

We have added an Active field to Position Properties, to allow clients to activate/deactivate Positions as needed. If you inactivate a Position that’s selected on someone’s User Profile, it will show as grayed out. Also, we have allowed functionality to bulk deactivate Positions (select multiple Positions and click a ‘Deactivate’ button) for added usability.


Microdegree Description now optional

We have made the Microdegree Description field optional on the Activity Properties page. So from now on, if you’re awarding a Microdegree for an Activity, feel free to not enter a Description!




Event with Prerequisites allowed enrollment via Upcoming Sessions

When enrolling in an Event’s Session, if a Prerequisite was defined for the Event, you would receive a message stating that you need to complete and pass the Prerequisite before you can enroll in the Session. However, if you accessed the Session via the ‘Upcoming’ tab in the Catalog, you would be able to enroll in it. We have fixed this loophole and now the Prerequisite must be completed first, regardless of how you try to enroll in the Session.


Edit Query function for Response Question Reports not working

For any of the three Response Question reports:

  • Assessment Response Questions
  • Survey Response Questions
  • Campaign Survey Response Questions

When creating or editing the report and clicking the ‘Edit Query’ button, you would be unable to add columns for filtering:

This has been fixed to allow the Edit Query to work as normal.


Broken ‘profile’ link when authenticating web conferencing details from ‘New Date’ window

This issue appeared when creating a new web conferencing Session and you haven’t setup an integration with one of the web conferencing services on your Profile yet. Once the Session was created and the ‘Add a new date’ button was clicked from the Session Schedule area of the Session Properties, you had the opportunity to click on the ‘profile’ link, which should have taken you to the Integrations page of your User Profile. This link did not work – we’ve fixed the link and renamed it to ‘Integrations page.’


Long Activity titles inconsistently display in Tool Tips, or not at all

If an Activity is titled with more characters than can display (e.g., on the Enrollments page, Properties page or Content page), rolling over the title should pop up a Tool Tip that displays the full title, regardless of how long it is. This was working inconsistently, and sometimes didn’t work at all. We have fixed this so that the Tool Tip always displays correctly with the full Activity title.


Multiple ‘Reply-to’ Addresses included in Template AdHoc letter

When generating a Template AdHoc letter (from the More dropdown on the User list page), if you defined multiple ‘Reply-To’ addresses for outbound emails in Account Settings, all of the email addresses would show up in the Reply-To field of the email. Only the first address in the list should be included (as a default). We have fixed this so only the first listed email address is included in the email.


United Kingdom not a Country option on User Profile

For some reason (not related to Brexit!), the United Kingdom was missing from the list of countries in the Country field on the User Profile.

We have successfully persuaded the UK to return to the list.


Activity Type label disappears after editing Activity Settings in a Path

If you included an E-learning or Assessment Activity in a Path, and proceeded to edit the Settings for that Activity in the Path, the Activity Type label would disappear:

We have corrected this so that the label always displays.


Question Type dropdown text error

When choosing a question type for a new question in an Assessment, the top of the dropdown would show incorrect text instead of the default text ‘Choose Question Type.” This issue has been fixed.


‘Upload’ Question Type file size limit issue

If a Student uploaded a file exceeding the size limit (10 MB) for an ‘Upload’ Assessment Question type, instead of returning an error message explaining the file is too big, the Student would see unintelligible characters in the Answer field. If the Answer was then submitted, a message of ‘Answer is missing’ would be returned. We have corrected this so that if a file that is too large is uploaded, the message ‘Your file could not be uploaded: image max size is 10 MB’ is displayed.


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