Release Notes - Week Ending 12/09/2016

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New App Switcher icon and functionality coming

In preparation for the Milano Release, we are in the process of authenticating client accounts to move those clients who have been using GroupDock to the new App Switcher. You will be contacted when we are ready to move your account to the new functionality.

The App Switcher allows users to access our other apps (e.g., Tribe, Level or SnackerTV) through a simple icon at the top right of the screen.





Assessments that were set to hide all responses from Student could still show correct answers

If an Assessment was created with the “Hide All Responses” option selected for “Response visibility in student reports” on the Assessment Properties page, a Student could hit the back button then refresh the page in their browser after submitting a completed assessment to see what the correct answers were. We have fixed this loophole so that when the “Hide All Responses” option is set for an Assessment, students can never see the correct answers.


Enrollment URL sent to Students would convert “Completed” activities to “In Progress”

If a Student completed an activity in the LMS, but subsequently clicked on an Enrollment URL sent to them (via email, or from another system), there was a chance that they would revert to a status of “In Progress” for that activity. This bug has been fixed and in this circumstance the Student will remain in a Completed status even if they click on the Enrollment URL to access the activity.


Some WebEx session links were broken

If you’ve authenticated to use WebEx for virtual sessions and created a virtual session for Students to use, sometimes when an enrolled Student clicked the “Join Webex Meeting” link from the session’s enrollment page, they would encounter an error. We have fixed this bug so that Students do not encounter this error anymore.


SCORM zip files containing “\” directory separators in filenames gave “Access Denied” error

If a SCORM zip file contained paths to files which contained backward slashes (“\”) instead of forward slashes (“/”), these zip files would present an “Access Denied” error when a Student tried to launch the course. This is a result of Windows/Linux/MacOS pathname inconsistencies, so we have updated the LMS to interpret both delimiters the same and prevent the error from occurring.


A Resource added to a Session with multiple dates would show multiple times on the Enrollment page

If you’ve created a Session with multiple dates (i.e., one Session occurring over multiple days) and defined a Resource for that session, that Resource would show multiple times (once for each date defined in the schedule) on the Enrollment page for that Session.

We have fixed this issue so that the Resource will only appear once for the Session.



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