Activity Recommendations

This article is an overview of the Activity Recommendations feature. This allows Administrators to define a percent threshold that Students must meet when answering a set of questions in an Assessment. If they do not meet the threshold, they will be presented with a list of Activity(s) to enroll in for further study.


The first step in enabling Activity Recommendations for Students is building an Assessment, which contains pools of questions with which to trigger these Recommendations. Recommendations can be mapped to Assessments of all Grade Types and Settings.

Once the Assessment is built, you use Question Pools to organize your Questions (much like 'Sections' in a Path). These Question Pools and the Point Value of each Question will determine the Activity Recommendations offered to Students.

After creating the Questions contained in a Question Pool, you can set up any associated Activity Recommendations by clicking the Actions button.

Here, you can set a percent threshold needed for that Question Pool. This score should be set as the minimum percentage a student needs to score based on the Point Values for the Questions inside the Question Pool. The Default Question Pool in the example shown contains five questions worth one point each, and the Action Score is set at 80. This means, as an enrolled Student, I would need to answer 4 or 5 questions correctly in order to reach the percent threshold:

Once the Action Score is set, click the Add A New Recommended Activity button to add Activity(s) that will display to Students who do not reach the Action Score threshold for that Question Pool in the Assessment:

Note: You can choose to include a Mastery Score for the Assessment as a whole, which will determine whether the User passes or fails the Assessment. However, the Mastery Score will not affect the Activity Recommendations as these are set by individual Question Pool.


The Student Experience

From the Student point of view, the Assessment can be accessed and launched as normal from their Catalog Home page.


Alternatively, on the My Library page, you'll see your Recommended Activities appear with a blue star in the upper right hand corner of the activity card. 



Things to remember when setting up Activity Recommendations:

  • Recommended Activities are based on the Question Pools and the Percent Threshold. Multiple Activities can be recommended for each Question Pool and more than one Question Pool can be associated with Recommendations per Assessment.
  • Catalog Restrictions will remain active, even if a Student's Assessment responses qualify them for a Recommended Activity which they have been restricted from in Group Properties. In these cases, when the Student clicks on the Activity Recommendation, they will receive an error saying they are not authorized for that action. Keep these Restrictions in mind when enabling Activity Recommendations.
  • Retroactively editing or deleting enrollments will not affect a Student's Recommendations.


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