Release Notes - Week Ending October 7, 2016

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Deleting Activities/Sessions gives warning that Enrollments need to be deleted first

In the past, you would be able to delete an activity or session even if enrollments existed. This would also delete the enrollments as well whether the administrator realized this or not.

We have added pop-up messages to the process so that if you try to delete an activity/session with enrollments, you will be notified to delete the enrollments first:

If you try deleting an activity/session with no enrollments, you will encounter an “Are you sure?” pop-up message:


Determine Landing Page after Student Login

You can now define which page students will see after they log into your account, via a new “Post Login Landing Page” field. This field is set in the Branding Organization properties, and allows you to choose between the Catalog Home page, My List page and Welcome page:





Title and Description fields didn’t autofill for a new Link Activity added to Path

If you were adding a new Link Activity to a Path, the Title and Description fields would not autofill based on the data returned from the URL which was entered. We have fixed this so that the Title and Description fields correctly autofill.


Path navigation issues fixed

We have fixed a number of navigational issues related to Paths. These include:

  • The ‘Next Activity’ card didn’t always display once a video activity completes. The card will now display correctly.
  • The ‘Back to Activity’ button that appears in the completed video window would direct the Student to the previous Activity. It now correctly navigates the Student back to the Path.
  • The ‘Back’ arrow (at the top left corner of the Activity Enrollment page) would redirect Students to the My List page. We have fixed this so that the Back arrow navigates back to the Path.


Grouping by User Manager causes error in Users Report

In a Users Report, if you include the ‘User manager’ column and try to group by that same column, you encountered an error. We have fixed this problem so that you can group by this column without issue.


AICC URL field re-added to Link Activity

Since the Milano release we removed the ability to create an AICC course or assessment through defining a URL link. We have brought this ability back to the Link Activity by adding an ‘AICC URL’ checkbox to the Add New Link pop-up window when defining a new link:


Upper case characters now allowed in ‘Type’ field when importing Activities

When importing activities (via a .csv file), we did not accept upper case characters in the ‘Type’ field (e.g., path, link, file, etc.). We have changed this so that you can include uppercase characters to define the activity type in your spreadsheet (e.g., Path, LINK, file, etc.).



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