Release Notes - Week Ending September 30, 2016

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Parameters now allowed on YouTube and Vimeo links

When creating a Link activity, if you are linking to a YouTube or Vimeo video, you may now add parameters to the end of the url that will be recognized by either service. The following parameters are allowed:

YouTube (e.g.,

  • showinfo – a value of 0 will suppress the video title from appearing in the top left corner of the video, while a value of 1 will show the title
  • t – denotes the relative start time (e.g., t=2 will start the video at 2 seconds from the beginning)
  • rel – a value of 0 will prevent suggested videos from displaying when the video ends, while a value of 1 will show them

Vimeo (e.g.,

  • autoplay – a value of 1 will cause the embedded video to start playing automatically


Responses Filter for Assessments updated

When filtering student responses for an Assessment from its Responses tab, the Filter dropdown has been enhanced to better reflect the statuses that a student’s assessment is in. We’ve added the “Needs grading” option so that assessments that need instructor grading can be easily filtered. The remaining options have stayed the same and reordered to denote that the “Completed” option incorporates both “Failed” and “Passed” assessments.


New Path Activity setting for launching directly into the Activity

We have enhanced the ability to launch directly into Activity content from a Path for most Activity types. Instead of just one setting on the Path Properties page (“Launch activities directly from the learning path enrollment,” which has been removed), you will now see a dropdown available for each activity in the path. Called “Launch directly into content,” this property, when selected from the Settings pop-up, invokes the following behavior for each activity type:

  • Link --> opens link in a new window and completes the activity
  • File --> opens file in a new window and completes the activity, except for SCORM and AICC e-learning files (which behaves exactly as it did when "Launch activities directly from the learning path enrollment" was checked)
  • Assessment --> opens directly into assessment, as it did when "Launch activities directly from the learning path enrollment" was checked
  • Event --> option is not available
  • Post --> option is not available


Student Confirmation page enhanced

If Student Confirmation was enabled for an activity, the user experience for the Student on the Confirmation page was confusing. We have updated the messaging, activity icon, and activity type information, as well as ensuring no errors are encountered in the following scenarios:

  1. Student Confirmation enabled, no Waitlist, and no Administrator Authorization required.
  2. Student Confirmation enabled, Waitlist enabled, and Administrator Authorization required.
  3. Student Confirmation enabled, Waitlist enabled, and no Administrator Authorization required.




Adding or Renaming an Activity delayed showing in Search Results

Sometimes when adding a new activity to the catalog or editing the title of an activity, when performing a search immediately afterwards, the newly created/renamed activity wouldn’t display in the search results. We have fixed this so that any new or edited activities display in the search results right away.


French Translations for Ratings and Reviews added

The display field and dropdown for activity ratings, as well as the “Submit Review” button, have been given French translations for those users accessing the LMS in French. Nous nous excusons pour le derangement.


Changing the Schedule for a Report Subscription did not update right away

If a report had a subscription scheduled for it (noting how often the report should be delivered), and that schedule was changed to a different timeframe, the subscription would still run under the previous timeframe. So, for example, if a report subscription was set to “Monthly” and changed to “Weekly,” the report would continue to deliver monthly. We have fixed this issue so that changes to the subscription schedule take effect immediately.



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