Release Notes - Week Ending September 16, 2016

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Path progress bar fixed for Path Section Completion setting

If a Path is created which has one or more sections set to require less than the total number of activities in that section (i.e., Complete in Any Order – x of y), the Progress bar and associated percent completed calculations would be incorrect. This has been updated so that the calculation is made based on x – the number of required activities in the section.

Therefore, if a path has two sections, each with 4 activities, and the first section requires 2 activities to be completed and the second section requires 3 activities to be completed, if a Student completes 1 activity in section 1 and 1 activity in section 2, their progress would be 40% (2/5, where 2 = total number of completed activities, and 5 = the sum of x for each section (2+3)).


Editing Date for Session shouldn’t default to Today’s Date

When editing a date for a future session, the Start time Date field would default to the current date in the date picker, instead of the date defined.

This has been fixed so that the Start time Date field defaults to the date defined for the session.


Student request couldn’t be approved for an activity that was already approved and completed

If a student requested approval for an activity for which they previously received approval and subsequently completed, an administrator would encounter a generic error page. This has been fixed so that an administrator can approve the student request regardless of any prior requests/completions for that activity.


Exceeding the storage limit via SCORM/AICC course upload encountered an error

If a SCORM or AICC file was uploaded to an account, and this exceeded the account’s storage limit, the administrator would encounter a ‘404’ error page. We have corrected this so that a warning message is displayed instead on the Add New File pop-up window:



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