Retirement of the Blogs and Forums Features

With the release of the New Exceed LMS Student Experience, the Blogs and Forums features are retired.



The Blogs functionality is retired in favor of the Account Summary or Welcome Page features in conjunction with the availability of Tribe Social as a more modern and engaging way to communicate with and update students.

Account Summary

Simple messages and updates can be presented to the user in the sidebar of the student's view, directly beneath the "Welcome (username)" salutation.

Access the Account Summary by going to Account > Branding > Edit Branding Org > Summary


Student View


Welcome Pages

While we strongly recommend that clients remove layers of complexity and drive students directly to the catalog view, it is possible to deliver specific messages and updates to students through Welcome Pages. 

Welcome Pages can be set up through Branding.

Learn more about Branding HERE.


Tribe Social

Intellum’s Tribe Social is an excellent tool for communicating with your student audience. Tribe gives all employees a private, secure activity stream that works just like major social networks, but removes the distraction and security issues that occur when you try to use consumer-facing tools for business. Employees share ideas, files, links, photos and video in way that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Admins can use Tribe to disseminate learning initiative updates, share business-critical news and distribute important documentation, confident that only the appropriate employees have access to the information.  

Learn more about Tribe Social HERE.



Forums are retired in favor of the Comments feature. 

Admins can choose to enable the Comments feature on any activity. When enabled, Students can comment on, provide feedback, ask a question or share information related to the activity or activity topic. This creates a much more interactive environment between the Student, her peers and the instructor on an activity-by-activity basis.

Admins have complete control over comments in the Comments feature and can delete inappropriate comments anytime. Students have the ability to delete their own comments as well. Admins can also choose to receive email notifications alerting them to a new post in any discussion.

Learn more about Adding Comments to an Activity HERE.

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