Adding Comments to an Activity

The Comments feature allows Students and Instructors to interact within a comment thread viewable to all users enrolled in the Activity. Comments can fuel conversations or provide a space for students to ask questions or make comments.


Comments (if enabled) are found at the bottom of an Activity's Enrollment page - just click on the title of the Activity from your My List page and scroll down:


Enabling Comments for an Activity

  • Navigate to the desired Activity under Admin > Activities.
  • The Activity's Enrollment page will display. Click the Properties tab at the top of the page.
  • Under the Enrollment Properties section, find the Comments area. Click the Active checkbox and enter any emails that should receive a notification when a comment is added.

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    Kathryne Magnuson

    I like the idea of the comments, and I've found they provide useful course feedback. What I don't know is this:

    If I reply to a student's comment on a course, are they emailed a copy of that comment, or a link to it? 

    How can I disable the notifications coming from the LMS in response to a comment that I added? I'm replying to people and getting notified. 

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