Adding Catalog Featured Links to the Course Catalog

The Image Carousel on the Course Catalog page allows for rotating banner images that can link out to internal or external content.


Recommended dimensions for Image Carousel images are 2268 x 756 (Minimum Size: 1134 x 378).

In order for the Image Carousel to be visible to Students, the Catalog and the Catalog Home Tab must be enabled on the account.

Learn more about Enabling the Catalog HERE.

Learn more about Displaying the Home Tab HERE.


Adding Carousel Images

Navigate to the desired Branding Organization under Account > Branding in the left navigation menu.

Select the desired Branding Organization and click the Edit button. 

At the bottom of the Properties page, in the Catalog Featured Links section, the Add One button allows you to upload and add links to banner images.

Learn more about Branding an Activity in the Catalog HERE.


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