Reports pull data from the LMS through designated filters that can query from many different sources of data in the system.


The Exceed LMS offers over 20 different types of Reports. The robust nature of the Reports feature allows for customization and specificity when gathering information.

Learn more about Report Types HERE

NOTE: Account Managers are available through Intellum Support to assist in creating and managing Reports if the need arises. Sign into the Help Desk to request Report creating assistance.


Creating New Reports

Learn more about Creating and Running a Custom Report HERE

  • Click Reports in the left navigation area.
  • Click the New Report button at the top right of the page.
  • In the New Report pop-up window, select a Report Type.
  • Name the report and click on the Create button.

NOTE: In this example, we will create a report that queries all user enrollments in the past 30 days.


Editing a Created Report

When a new report is created by clicking the Create button (see image above), the report will already be in Edit Mode.

Edit Mode for Existing Report

  • Click on Reports from the left navigation menu and select the Report to be edited.
  • Click on the Edit button at the top right of the page.


Designating Report Queries

When in Edit Mode, Reports can pull specific data through the use of Filters in the Edit Query link. 

  • Add Filters to the report by clicking on the first dropdown menu. Some report types will have one or two filters already added, however they can edited as well.

The next dropdown menu decides the Filter Condition.

  • Add additional Filters using the plus (+) sign.

NOTE: Using the dropdown menu on the left to select the SAME filter will create an "OR" statement, otherwise adding different column filters will create an "AND" statement.


"User code" "is" "15151" +

"User code" "is" "17698" +

"Enrollment completed on" "last 30 days"

This will pull up all activity enrollments completed in the last 30 days for users whose code is "15151" OR "17698".

Learn more about Filter Criteria HERE

The Add Union button at the bottom right of the filter criteria window creates a group of filters and serves as an OR to any other group of filters.

Learn more about Adding a Union HERE

  • Click on the Update button to save your changes.

  • Click the Save button to see the updated Report


Editing Report Columns

  • Click the Edit button to return to Edit Mode.
  • Click on the dropdown next to a column name, then select the Edit Columns option.

  • Add columns with the Add a column button
  • Delete columns with the trash can icon
  • Reorder columns via drag and drop
  • Click the Update button to see updated changes to the report

If Group This Column is selected the Report will be grouped by the selected Column. Values that share the same Column information will be clustered together in the Report.

After the Columns have been reviewed and the Update button has been clicked, the Quick Filter feature can be used to narrow the report results.


Exporting Report Data 

  • Click the Export button to get the Report into a format for sharing.
  • Click on the Not subscribed to this report link to get the report delivered to you via email on a regular schedule.

Learn more about Exporting a Report HERE

  • Change the Report Permissions by clicking on the Actions dropdown and selecting Admin Permissions.

Learn more about Giving Report Access HERE


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