Courseware Troubleshooting - Debug Mode

Should a user experience an issue with playing or completing a course in the LMS, follow the steps in this article to run a SCORM course in Debug Mode and collect information for troubleshooting courseware issues.


Special Notes:

Debug Mode can only be run on a SCORM 1.2 online course.

- Debug Mode does not fix online course issues but displays communication between the course and the LMS.


What needs to be submitted from Debug Mode:

1) The user code of the user running the online course in Debug Mode

2) The course name and course code

3) The name of the course publishing software (authoring tool) used to create the course

4) Screenshot of Debug communication (see below)

5) Screenshot of Support Details information (see below)

6) Send all the screenshots to or attach the screenshots to the support ticket


Running a SCORM Course in Debug Mode

1) Go to File Activity Properties

  • Click Activities in the left navigation area
  • Click on the title of the File Activity for the SCORM course you want to run in debug mode
  • Click on the Properties tab at the top of the page

2) Scroll down to Administration Properties and find the Debug Activity section. Click on the Show enrollment in debug mode button, then verify by clicking OK.

3) You will automatically be taken to the activity's Enrollment page, where you can verify the URL shows "?debug=true" at the end of the enrollment number in the address bar.

4) Click on the Launch button to play the online course. If there are any interactions/communication between the Course and the LMS, the data will be logged.

Special Notes:

- When testing the course, complete as much of the course as possible

5) After completing the course, you will be back on the activity's Enrollment page. Scroll down and click on the View Logs button at the bottom left of the page.

6) The Enrollment Logs page shows all of the interactions between the course and the LMS.


7) Click on any of the View links to bring up a pop-up window with further information for that particular interaction. Take a SCREENSHOT of the information in the window. Repeat for the other View links generated for this specific instance of the course launch.

Special Note: Sometimes testing a course needs to be done in a different browser.

Learn more about testing a course in different browsers HERE


Gathering System Information

Go to the Support Details website, and take a SCREENSHOT (or use one of the export options) to collect all the system data for the computer the course has issues on.




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