Mobile Version

You can access the LMS on a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android phone or Tablet. This article focuses on iOS devices.

It's recommended to keep the operating system of your mobile device up to date. Learn more about updating Apple iOS HERE.

Optimize Mobile Safari Settings

  • Go to the Settings app from your Home Screen.
  • Tap on
  • Under the “Privacy and Security” heading, in the Block Cookies section, choose Always Allow or Allow from Websites I Visit.
  • Under the "General" section, switch off Block Pop-ups.
  • If you experience trouble with the mobile version, it may be necessary to clear cache and cookies. To do this, scroll to the bottom and tap Clear History and Website Data.


Things to note about the Mobile Version 

The Mobile version of the LMS is an adaptive form of the regular browser version that you access on your desktop or notebook computer. It gives you access to the same features and functionality of the regular version except it is adaptively formatted to fit the display size of your mobile device. Because of this adaptation, certain navigation elements have been adjusted for easier access and aesthetic requirements.

  • Some SCORM and AICC online courses contain Flash. Flash is not supported on Apple mobile devices.
  • The mobile version can respond slower than the desktop version. This depends on many factors but is mainly attributed to cellular network speed versus the high internet speed your desktop computer runs on.
  • Some online courses may not launch, run or complete successfully because they are too robust for the memory limitations of the Mobile device.
  • Some menu buttons may need to be tapped more than once.
  • Volume sliders may function inconsistently. Because iOS devices have built-in volume controls it may be necessary to use the volume controls on your device.


Accessing the Mobile Version

From your mobile device, go to your mobile web browser and type in your account login URL. For example:


After you login you will see your “My List” view of activities on your transcript:


Clicking on the menu icon at the top right will give you access to the Catalog, History, Help, and My Profile links. If you are also an administrator, you will see an Admin option as well.


Clicking on Catalog shows the familiar Featured Activities and Categories, and give you tabs to access “All Activities” and “Upcoming” activities.



Clicking on History from the menu shows the familiar History page of activities you’ve completed



Do you have an iPhone and want to create an "App" icon for the Mobile version?

To learn more about creating an "App" icon for the mobile version Click HERE

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