Letters allows for manual or automated communication with users through email or the creation of a PDF.



Automatic Letters

Letters saved as a template can be automated through Triggers to send users information relevant to their courses. Dynamic Variables can be inserted in Letters to pull custom User or Activity information into the Letter.

Learn more about Creating a Template Letter HERE.


Image below shows Letter Properties, found on the Activity Properties page:

To add a new letter Trigger click on the Add a new letter trigger button.

Specify alerts and reminders to be sent out based on specific triggers that you set.

To learn more about Letter Triggers click HERE.

Note: Once created, Letters can be selected from the applicable Letter dropdowns and used by all Administrators.

Once the Letter Trigger is mapped, Letters will be generated automatically by the LMS based on its parameters.

Learn more about Mapping a Letter to an Activity HERE.


Manual (Adhoc) Letters 

Letters can sent manually to users utilizing a Template Letter from the Letter list or creating a Custom Letter

Learn more about Sending a Letter to One or More Users HERE.


Letter Logs

Letters sent to users through the LMS can be audited through viewing the User Letter Log History or running a Report on Letter Logs.

User Letter Log History

Image below shows User Properties page:

This log includes the Letter Name, Letter Type, Activity that the letter originates from (if applicable), and the Date Sent.

Reports on Letter Logs

Reports allow for more in-depth data on Letters sent to users.

Image below shows creating a new report in the Reports area:

Learn more about Creating and Running a Custom Report HERE.


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