Groups help manage users sharing common attributes. Groups can be utilized in Advanced Filters to form queries within the Users, ActivitiesSessions and Reports areas.

Note: Restricted Administrators CANNOT create Groups.


In the Admin > Groups area Administrators can access the Groups page.


Groups can be Manual (Administrator selects the specific users for the group) or Auto (Administrator sets filters through common data points and users are automatically pulled into the group).

Use the Membership button in the top right to filter the group list to display only Manual groups or only Auto groups.


Manual Group

Manual Groups do not use any filters and do not automatically pull in users. Manual Groups allow the Administrator to control which users go into the Group and enables the Administrator to revoke membership for users. Manual Groups must be maintained by an Administrator.

Learn more about creating a Manual Group HERE


Auto Group

Auto Groups utilize filters to pull in users who match certain criteria. By creating Auto Groups, users will be automatically pulled into the group when they match the criteria or will be automatically removed when they no longer match the criteria. Auto Groups are maintained by the filters that define them.

Learn more about creating an Auto Group HERE

Users can be manually added to an Auto Group when they do not match the criteria on the discretion of an Administrator.

Learn more about manually adding a user to an Auto Group HERE


Recommending Activities for Groups

Within the CatalogActivities can be recommended for Groups. Recommendations bring an activity up to the Recommended section on a user's Catalog Home page, increasing visibility and traffic. 

Learn more about recommending activities for Groups HERE


Group Restrictions

Groups can restrict which Activities are viewable to users. Groups can restrict activity enrollments at the group level or at the activity level.

Image below shows Activity Properties:

When accessing the Activity Properties page, you will see a section labeled Restrictions. By adding a Group to this list, the activity becomes viewable only to that Group(s).

Image below shows Group Properties:

When an Administrator accesses the Group Properties page and adds activities to the Catalog Restrictions area, enrollment in those activities is restricted to that Group.

Learn more about Group restrictions HERE


Auto Enroll by Group

Entire Groups can be enrolled into an Activity or Session through Auto Enrollments. After first mapping a Group, Auto Enrollments for that Activity process overnight.

Learn more about Auto Enrolling a Group HERE


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