Articulate Presenter ’13 SCORM 1.2 Publishing Guide

This article provides the recommended settings for publishing a SCORM 1.2 course using Articulate Presenter ‘13.


Publishing Settings

The LMS Publishing Settings can be accessed through the Articulate tab within PowerPoint. Click the Publish icon (boxed in red in the image below) under the Publish sectionto open Publishing Settings.


Select the LMS tab.

If you would like the course to be accessible from a mobile device, make sure the Include HTML 5 output option is checked.

Learn more about Making SCORM 1.2 Courses Available on a Mobile Device HERE

Under Output Options select SCORM 1.2 from the dropdown and then click the Reporting and Tracking... button.

Once the Reporting and Tracking Options window opens, click the Reporting tab. Under the LMS Reporting section Report status to LMS as: should be set to Passed/Failed whether the SCORM course contains a quiz or not.

**Note: In the process of updating a course (which requires replacing the SCORM Activity within the LMS), the Identifier fields (in both the LMS Course Information and LMS Lesson SCORM Information sections above) must not be changed or Students will not be able to review the course from their history.

Click the Tracking tab to view the options for tracking a course. The first option allows you to Track using number of slides viewed. The number of slides necessary for completion is automatically set for the amount of slides in the course. The number of slides viewed for completion can be changed through the dropdown Minimum number of slides viewed to complete. If the user views less than the number of slides set here, the course will be tracked as Incomplete.

The second option is Track using quiz results. If there is more than one quiz, the slide can be selected (from the Which quiz dropdown) to specify which quiz will be used to track the course.

Only one quiz can be chosen to track the course. The Passing Score is defined through the Articulate Quizmaker settings. 

After clicking the Publish button, a final window will appear with options for what to do with the published course. Select the option for Zip (boxed in red in the image below). This will save the course on your hard drive in the zip format that can then be uploaded to the LMS.

Learn more about Uploading SCORM 1.2 Content to the LMS HERE.


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