Finding your Activities

Activities are the basic units of learning within the Intellum LMS, Here are the ways you can locate your activities : 1) If you have been assigned to take an activity, it will appear on your My Library page.

My Library



On the My Library page you will see three tabs at the top of the page : 
Current : To view your current or in progress activities. 
Favourites : Displays a list of your favourite activities.
History : Your completed activities.

Catalog Home Page
The Catalog Home Page displays your in progress, recommended and recently added activities.


The Catalog Home Page features different areas to access activities: My Recommendations, Employee Resources, Recently Added and Continue learning.

The "My Recommendations" section of the Catalog Home Page lists any recommended activities with a star in the top right hand corner of its card. If an activity is due or overdue you will see a text overlay at the bottom of the card informing you of that fact, with a exclamation mark highlighted in red for required activities.

The "Employee Resources" is a banner row showing clickable images that will take you to other pages either within or outside the LMS.

The "Recently Added" row shows newer activities that your administrator wanted to highlight. 

The Continue Learning" section displays all activities that are currently in progress.

Browse Page


The Browse page is a way to filter activities in the catalog, you can view all activities, all sessions, achievements or microdegrees, your requirements, your recommendations and any sessions you're enrolled in.

You can also browse activities by category.


In the example screenshot above you can see seven catagories that have been defined for activities in this catalog, click on any of them will display activities only relevant for that catagory.

 History page options:


  • Click Print History to automatically generate a document for printing.
  • Click Filter to see enrollments by activity type: Featured, Path, Link, File, Assessment, Event, Post or External Credits.
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