Branding options allow customization of the Student experience for all or different parts of the user population through the Welcome Page and Branding Organizations.


Welcome Page

In ACCOUNT > Branding, Unrestricted Admins will see a list of current Branding Organizations within the account.


On the Branding Organization page, Admins can select either an existing organization and click the Edit button or use the New Organization button to create a new branding organization.


To edit or create the Welcome Page for an existing organization, select and Edit an organization and click on the Welcome Page tab at the top of the page.

The Rich Editor allows you to insert images and videos to customize the look and feel of the Welcome page.

Note: When inserting images and videos, an image or video URL and not an image file saved on your computer must be added. To obtain an image URL, go to the image on a website and right-click on the image.

  • In Google Chrome select "Copy image address"
  • In Mozilla Firefox select "Copy Image Location"
  • In Safari or Opera select “Copy Image Address”
  • In Internet Explorer select “properties” and this will open a window where you will copy and paste the "Address URL"

Use the Edit HTML tab to paste in HTML or the Rich Editor tab to design a unique learner experience. Check the Active box and save to make the Welcome Page live. Check the Do Not Hide box so the Welcome Page should always be displayed to Students each time they login, or uncheck the box so Students can dismiss the Welcome Page after initial view. 

Learn more about Editing a Welcome Page: Accepted HTML Tags HERE.


Branding Organizations

If editing an existing Branding Organization, it will default to the Properties page.

The Properties page contains several options for customizing the currently selected Branding Organization.  


Additional Branding Options

Heading Logos

Heading logo can be added to the upper left hand corner of the LMS as well as above the login box on the LMS login page. Different Heading logos can be added to each Branding Organization.

Learn more about Adding a Heading logo HERE.


Activity cover art and Hero Image

In the Activity Properties, Admins can upload an image to replace the default image for an Activity, as well as upload a hero image (banner image).

Learn more about replacing the Activity cover art HERE.


Category Picture

In the Category Properties, Admins can can upload an image for the Category.

Learn more about uploading an image for Categories HERE.


For Activities included in the Catalog, the images for both the Activity and the Category will display for users.

Home Page

In ACCOUNT > Settings there is a checkbox labeled Display Home Tab.



If Display Home Tab is unchecked, the Activities in your catalog will appear in a simple list view and Students can use the Filter function to more easily see featured or recommended Activities.

When Display Home Tab is checked, an additional Home link will appear within the Catalog showing a mini dashboard where Featured Activities, Recommended Activities, and Categories will show in order on the page.


Student Modules

By default the Student Section of the LMS grants users access to the Catalog and External Credits Modules. Certain modules can disabled from the Branding Organization properties.

Learn more about Managing Modules HERE.


Certificate Logos

Student certificates of completion can have a logo added from the Branding Organization Properties page.

Learn more about Adding a Logo to a Certificate of Completion HERE.


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