System Log

The System Log displays a running list of scheduled procedures and other tasks the LMS was set to complete.

User Integrations and Auto Enrollments

  • User Import: Users created or updated by the user integration file
  • Auto-enrollments: Users whose enrollment was automatically added by the system
  • Auto Enroll From Waitlist: Queued job showing system auto enrolled users who were on a waitlist for a Session
  • Bulk Enrollment: Users whose enrollment was manually added by an Administrator
  • Bulk Enrollment Update: Users whose enrollment was manually updated by an Administrator


  • User Welcome Letters: List of email addresses the Welcome Letter was sent to
  • Letter Triggers: List of Letter Triggers and the email addresses they were sent to


  • User Compliance: Queued job checking user compliance
  • Upload to Cloud Storage And Transcode: Activity Upload


  • Report Generation: Report that has been exported
  • Subscribed Report Generation: Report that has been subscribed to


To access the system log, go to Admin > System Log

Log Entries - Completed

The default page of the System Log displays any queued jobs that have been Completed.


Log Colors and what they mean

A failure displays a red dot.

A warning displays an orange dot.

Learn more about Troubleshooting a Warning or Failed Notice HERE

To drill down into a log entry, click the details link when available.

Use the Filter dropdown in the top right to sort the log entries.


Log Entries - Queued


The Queued page displays items that have been initiated, but have not yet been processed. Queued items show any reoccurring processes.


Action: This column shows what type of queued job the log entry represents

Requested By: Displays the name of the person who started the job

Date: Displays the day and time the process was marked as complete

Status: Displays the status of the job.

Additional Log Reporting

More information about System Log processes can be retrieved using Reports on System Logs. Go to Reports > New Report > select Log Entries Report. Once a Log Entries Report has been created, click Edit Query to build the Log Entries Report.


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